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Lindsay Griffin Boston Hairstylist + Co. is a high end, modern salon offering hair cutting, dimensional color, keratin treatments, facial + eyebrow waxing, and on-site wedding services. Lindsay and her team are redefining the art of hair by providing clients with the latest techniques including edgy cuts to soft natural curls in a comfortable, luxurious environment. Lindsay is one of Boston’s Best, awarded by The Improper Bostonian, as well as Boston Magazine. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Allure Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Boston Weddings and Boston Magazine.

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TACO PARTY! – New Vegan Spot in Ball Square

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

_MJPr23U                                                                         Logo: Taco Party

Just down the street from Lindsay Griffin Boston Hairstylist + CO, a delightful new taco restaurant has opened up. Formerly a food truck-only service, TACO PARTY has just opened up their first stationary location right here in Ball Square!

First of all, Taco Party is completely vegan. As a meat lover myself, I was pretty skeptical of having a taco with no chicken or steak. But to be honest, these tacos are great. The restaurant’s menu boasts some unique combinations and flavors that really challenge what you know about the taco world. Some of the menu items are gluten free as well! Aside from tacos, the Party also includes chips and a few different dips including classic guacamole and pinto bean dip. It’s completely worth it to try everything.

Also, Taco Party has vegan baked goods! There are plenty of different flavors of vegan donuts, cakes, and other tasty treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

So when you get the craving for a delicious taco, stop in at Taco Party, grab an “Hecho en Somerville” sticker to pop on your car or laptop, and tell them the girls at Lindsay Griffin Boston sent you! Because we <3 tacos!


                                            Logo: Taco Party

A Comprehensive Guide to KEVIN.MUPRHY: Find Your Product!

Friday, September 11th, 2015

K.M DPS advert 1 for Oscar Calvo                                                                                                                    Photo: Kevin.Murphy

As many of you know, LGBH+CO has recently started carrying KEVIN.MURPHY – and our clients love it! We’ve had some really happy customers who have tried these products, and we want you to find the right product for yourself!

We created this easy guide to all of the Kevin.Murphy products that we carry, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for to make your hair better. Find what you need below in the section for your hair type/specific hair need, and for more information, simply click through the link to the Kevin Murphy website.

(All of these products are here at LGBH+CO! Come visit us if you need to pick one up!)

Wash = Shampoo
Rinse = Conditioner
Treatment = A deep conditioner, can be used in place of a regular conditioner
Masque = Another type of deep conditioning treatment, typically used once a week

skincare-for-your-hair                                                                                                                                         Photo: Kevin.Murphy

Balancing Wash [A daily shampoo to strength hair, prevent damage from heat styling, and protect against color fade]

Angel Wash / Angel Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for fine, colored hair]
Angel Masque [A deep conditioning mask for fine, colored hair]
Full.Again [A thickening lotion for fine hair]

Hydrate.Me Wash / Hydrate.Me Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner combo for dry, dehydrated hair]
Hydrate.Me Masque [Deep conditioner for dehydrated hair]
Born.Again Treatment [A deep conditioning treatment for extremely dry, stressed hair – the cornerstone of the Kevin.Murphy line]
Staying.Alive [A leave-in conditioning spray]
Un.Tangled [A leave-in conditioner and detangling spray]

Luxury Wash / Luxury Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for curly, thick, or coarse hair]
Motion.Lotion [Curl-enhancing lotion]

Blonde.Angel Wash [A purple-tinted shampoo for blonde hair that has been colored]
Blonde.Angel Treatment [A purple-tinted deep conditioner to prevent brassiness and color fade in blondes]

Maxi Wash [A detoxifying shampoo to reduce product buildup on the hair and scalp]

Plumping Wash / Plumping Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair]
Body.Mass [A leave-in treatment for thinning hair]

Young.Again Wash / Young.Again Rinse [A shampoo and conditioner for aging, over-processed, or dull hair]
Young.Again Masque [A deep conditioning mask for dull, aging hair]
Young.Again Oil [A leave-in, anti-aging oil]

Stimulate.Me Wash / Stimulate.Me Rinse [Men’s shampoo and conditioner that stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth]
Thick.Again [A leave-in thickening treatment for thinning or falling hair]

Anti.Gravity [A volumizing lotion]
Anti.Gravity Spray [A volumizing spray]
Body.Builder [A strong hold, volumizing mousse]
Powder.Puff [Volumizing powder for the roots]

Fresh.Hair [A dry shampoo to absorb oil in unwashed hair]

Smooth.Again [A frizz-control lotion]

Hair.Resort [A texturizing lotion for relaxed, wavy looks]
Hair.Resort Spray [A texturizing, sea salt spray for beach-like waves]
Texture.Master [A strong-hold texturizing spray]

Damage.Manager [A leave-in heat protecting spray]

Session.Spray [Kevin Murphy’s signature strong hold hairspray]
Easy.Rider [An anti-frizz cream with flexible hold]
Gritty.Business [A matte, pliable hold paste]
Un.Dressed [A flexible hold paste for undone looks]
Rough.Rider [A strong hold clay]
Night.Rider [A matte texture paste with firm hold]
Super.Goo [A firm hold rubbery gel]
Free.Hold [A medium hold styling cream]

Shimmer.Shine [A shimmery spray that strengths hair and adds shine]
Color.Bug [Kevin Murphy’s take on hair chalk – one-time intense color in pink, purple, orange, neon green, white, and gold]

You can pick up any of these Kevin Murphy products right here at LGBH+CO! Just stop in to see us – we love visitors. :)

The Internet Loves OI!

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

davines-21-613x408                                                                                                                         Photo: Into the Gloss

One of the most popular products we sell by far here at Lindsay Griffin Boston is the OI product line from Davines. As it turns out, the people of the Internet love it too!

Check out these reviews of the OI products from real customers and your favorite beauty sources!

A customer on Birchbox posted this review after receiving a sample of the OI Conditioner in her monthly box: “I originally received this conditioner in my box but HAD TO purchase the full bottle after just one use. It makes my wavy, untameable hair so soft & manageable.”

Davines’ OI Beautifying Potion received the Best of Beauty Award from Allure in 2012, and garnered this review from the magazine: “Proof that oil needn’t equal grease, this formula softens hair and adds just a subtle hint of polish.”

Olivia Singer, writing for Into the Gloss, wrote a glowing review of the entire Davines line, and had this to say about the OI All In One Hair Milk: “Both a heat-protector and a shiny, conditioning moisturizer, it doesn’t leave me with sticky or crispy strands which are the bane of my hair-product-using life.”

For more information on the Davines OI line, stop by and ask one of our stylists for help finding the right product for you!

Ball Square Liquor Store Takes Best of Boston 2015

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Photo: Ball Square Fine Wines

Right across the road from Lindsay Griffin Boston, Somerville’s very own Ball Square Fine Wines earned the 2015 accolade of “Best of Boston – Best Spirits Shop.”

Ball Square has a huge selection, they also host weekly tastings so that you can discover new wines, beers, and cocktails that fit your palette.

We’ve only heard good things from our customers about Ball Square Fine Wines, so we encourage you to check it out too!

BRONDE: The Summer’s Hottest Color

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

This summer’s biggest hair trend is not quite blonde, and not quite brown. The new combination color is called “bronde,” and it’s taking the hair world by storm. The beautiful golden color is perfect for those warm summer nights, and is great for a girl who’s looking to stand out from the crowd.

Here are only some of the latest celebrities to try out bronde. Maybe you’ll want to test it for yourself!

gallery-1436370559-gty-cara-delevingne-brondeCara Delevingne – Photo: Getty (via Cosmopolitan)

blake-lively-brondeBlake Lively – Photo: Instagram @blakelively

American Theatre Wing's 69th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Lopez – Photo: WireImage (via InStyle)

Kim-Sears05_glamour__29jan15_pa_b_540x810Kim Sears – Photo: Glamour

Kevin Murphy’s COLOR BUG: Intense Hair Color – For One Night!

Friday, August 14th, 2015

If you’ve been looking to spice up your hair styling routine but can’t commit to a permanent wild hair color, we have the solution for you. The Kevin Murphy line has created a product that allows us to have the crazy color we truly desire for one night only, and then wash it out when we are ready to return back to our normal, everyday lives. Enter COLOR BUG.

Color Bug acts like a hair chalk. It comes in a small applicator pod and is rubbed onto the strands to transfer the color. There are six different colors available currently: pink, purple, neon green, orange, white, and shimmer (which comes out as a sparkly gold).

_MG_3870-1The entire Color Bug collection, from left to right: purple, white, orange, neon, shimmer, and pink.
[Photo by Christine Labbe]

A few tips from Kevin Murphy on applying Color Bug:

1. Use a product before applying as a base. This will help the color to stick to your hair. He recommends
2. For a more intense color, use a product like Kevin Murphy’s “Night Rider” paste to deepen the color.
3. For lighter shades, use a product like Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort or Anti Gravity Sprays as the base.
4. For a pastel color, mix any Color Bug with the White Bug.
5. Finish off with a hairspray and you’re good to go.
6. Be sure to use a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothing while applying!

_MG_3874-2Orange, shimmer, and neon bugs.
[Photo by Christine Labbe]

Check out the video below to see how it works in action!

Summer Must-Have: Sea Salt Spray!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Sea salt sprays have been HUGE this summer. They give you those perfect beachy waves that are great for the office, lunch, or a night on the town, and they leave your hair smelling amazing as well.

We carry a couple of great sea salt sprays here at LGBH+CO that will make you feel like you’ve just come from the beach (minus the sunburn and the sand stuck to everything).

Kevin Murphy – Hair Resort Spray

_MG_3859-1                                                         Photo by Christine Labbe

Listed as one of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty products in 2014, Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort spray is a light texturizing spray that encourages waves. It also has an incredible scent combination of honey, citrus, and tangerine. A-ma-zing.

Davines – This Is A Sea Salt Spray

_MG_3866-2                                                         Photo by Christine Labbe

Davines doesn’t mess around with product names. This Is A Sea Salt Spray is indeed a sea salt spray, described by Birchbox as a “life-changing” product. Not to mention it’s a paraben free, zero-environmental-impact product, and a winner of Coastal Living’s 2014 Beach Beauty Award.

BONUS PRODUCT! Kevin Murphy – Shimmer Shine

SHIMMER.SHINE_                                                       Photo:

Okay, so it’s not a sea salt spray, but it’s another product that’s perfect for summer. Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine is a spray that adds a little sparkle to your hair once you’re done with the rest of your styling. Just shake the bottle and you’ll see what we mean!

Now that you know the basics, stop in to see us at LGBH+CO or ask your stylist at your next appointment which sea salt sprays they love!

10 No-Effort Hair Accessories for Under $30

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Anyone can fall into a hair rut. We end up doing the same thing each and every day, because it’s easy, we don’t have the time, or we’re just afraid to try something new. Well here are a whole bunch of cute and fun accessories that can easily be snapped, clipped, or wrapped into our hair in a second. All for under $30 each. Now you have no more excuses!


Urban Outfitters Triangle Barrette $10

Perfect for adding a little quirkiness to your hair. The unexpected shape will really stand out!


J.Crew Metal Perforated Ponytail Holder$12.50

A great piece that can put some shine into your ponytail. Never use a boring elastic band again!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.12.02 PM

Anthropologie Headband$28

An elegant headband. It’s bold, yet very ladylike.


Free People Jumbo Hair Clip$8

For those who never take themselves too seriously. This twist on the trusty hair clip is utilitarian, and sure to start a conversation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.12.56 PM

Nordstrom Leaf Headband$28

This version of the ever-popular leaf headband will look like it’s meant to be there once it’s nestled in your hair.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.13.45 PM

ModCloth Beehive Bobby Pin Set$12.99

An understated yet totally unique set of bobby pins. They’re sure to create a buzz. (Ha ha ha… See what I did there?)


Urban Outfitters Mint Oval Barrette$8

Classic and cool. The pastel mint color will also look great with any hair.


H&M Leather & Gold Bow Barrette$4.99

How can we make the most feminine of knots – the bow – less girly? Add metal and leather. Toughen up while keeping your sweet side intact.hmprod

Forever 21 Roman-Style Feather Headband$4.90

Feathers presented in a unique way. Perfect for those times when you want to stand out and show you’re not afraid to try something different.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.17.06 PM

LouLou Twisted Headband$20

A perfect balance of soft and shiny. A gorgeous piece that will also keep your hair out of your eyes!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.15.06 PM

 And there you have it: 10 no-fuss hair accessories for any hair types, hair color, or skill level. Now get out there are try something different!

SU: Sun-Focused Products by Davines

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Have you ever wished for a product that acted as a sunscreen for the hair you spend so much time washing, cutting, and styling?  Well, your wish is our command! One of the newest products we have on the shelves here at LGBH+CO is the SU line by Davines, created specifically for the sun-soaked summer months.

_MG_2851-1                                                                                                        Photo by Christine Labbe

Davines, a hair care product company hailing from Parma, Italy, is dedicated to making quality products that are sustainable and have a low environmental impact. Aside from using eco-friendly packaging and ingredients from farms in Italy, each package tells you exactly where the main ingredients were farmed from. (For example, the SU hair milk’s citrus mytrifolia extract is from “Mr Parodi’s farm, Finale Ligure, Savona, Italy.”) How cool is that!?

We’re currently carrying four SU products: the hair & body wash, hair milk, hair mask, and aftersun for face and body.

Here’s a little breakdown of what each product has to offer:

SU hair & body wash – Very simple, and exactly what it says. The hair & body wash is a wash that works for both your hair and body after being out in the sun. It’s very delicate and hydrating.

_MG_2854-2                                            Photo by Christine Labbe

SU hair milk – A sun-protecting and conditioning milk for hair exposed to the sun. It can be used as a protectant while out in the sun, or as a conditioner after shampooing.

_MG_2859-3                                                                                                                                      Photo by Christine Labbe

SU hair mask – An after-sun replenishing mask for sun-exposed hair. It helps to put back what the rays take out.

_MG_2864-4                                                                                                                                       Photo by Christine Labbe

SU aftersun
– This one is not for your hair, but for your face and body. It’s a cream that replenishing your skin after sun exposure.

_MG_2869-5                                                                                           Photo by Christine Labbe

So if you’re spending tons of time in the sun this summer (as you should be!), be sure to keep your hair protected! Stop in to see us at Lindsay Griffin Boston and ask our stylists which products would be best for you!

Bridesmaids Dresses They’ll Love to Wear Again | Lindsay Griffin Boston

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

We’ve all heard promises from bride-to-be friends about our bridesmaid’s dress being “so versatile”, only to receive a purchase link to an overpriced, muted-mauve, cheap taffeta dress that only promises to take up space in our closet for years to come.

It’s wedding season again at Lindsay Griffin Boston Hairstylists + Co., and we’ve got a few ideas for dresses bridesmaids will love to show off long after their friend’s big day!

The Reformation: Arianna Dress

Arianna Dress

Anthropologie: Embroidered Panna Dress


Free People: Samantha Embellished Dress

Rosewater Samantha Dress

For Love and Lemons: Antigue Maxi Dress
Antigue Maxi Dress


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