The Lenox Hotel | Boston Wedding

Published on September 26, 2012


This stunning Boston wedding took place on 9.1.12 at the Lenox Hotel. It was a picture perfect September day, with clear blue skies. Mary and Steve could not have planned it any better! We started off at their condo in the Seaport District, which of course was right next to two of my fav spots in Boston, the Flour Cafe and Drink.

I loved how each girl wanted a different look.  The maids had everything from a soft, romantic do, to a whimsical french braid, to a high voluminous Audrey Hepburn do! The bride wanted a simple yet sophisticated low chignon, which fit her look to a T. Stacey Frasca was beside me creating flawless faces! She was super fun, and made each girl feel so special. Looking forward to working with all of them again in November for Mary’s sister Maggie’s upcoming wedding! How awesome is that?

Mary and Steve worked with Boston photographer, Carly Michelle, who is a darling. Her work truly tells a story of their special day!

Here’s a bit about Carly:

“I’m completely self taught. I’ve been in business for just about three years. I was always so shy until I started photography and something about being behind the lens really lets me be wild and goofy with my clients. I make my brides do out of the ordinary things on their wedding day. Jumping on beds is one of the them. I always strive to capture the shot that’s going to make me stand out from all the photographers around me. I want to tell the story, capture it so when they look back in years to come not only will they remember but they will remember how they actually felt on that day.” –Carly Michelle Photography

The Wedding Story of Mary and Steve:




Boston- wedding-lenox-hotel-1











Boston- wedding-lenox-hotel-2




Carly Michelle Photography

The Lenox Hotel | Boston Wedding

Church: St. Cecilia’s

Venue: Lenox Hotel

Hair: Lindsay Griffin Boston Hairstylist

Makeup: Stacey Frasca

Photographer: Carly Michelle Photography

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