Boston Wedding Hairstylist | Taj Boston

Published on November 5, 2012


Hannah and Jared held their Boston wedding at the Taj Hotel in early November. This Boston wedding hairstylist was there on-site beatifying all of the lovelies with Cassandra by my side. With every wedding we style, there is always some sort of connection. The groom actually went to high school with my cousin’s wife’s sister in Foxborough, Ma. Small world, huh?! For the big day Miss Hannah decided on two french braids with a middle part and a low, whimsical bun.  And her dress, my oh my was it stunning on her! What a beautiful day for a white wedding! Cheers guys! Thank you Eric McCallister for sending over your beautiful photos!

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Eric McCallister Photography

 Boston Wedding Hairstylist | Taj Boston

Venue: Taj Boston | Hair: Lindsay Griffin | Makeup: Girly Junk | Photographer: Eric McCallister

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