A Comprehensive Guide to KEVIN.MUPRHY: Find Your Product!

Published on September 11, 2015


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As many of you know, LGBH+CO has recently started carrying KEVIN.MURPHY – and our clients love it! We’ve had some really happy customers who have tried these products, and we want you to find the right product for yourself!

We created this easy guide to all of the Kevin.Murphy products that we carry, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for to make your hair better. Find what you need below in the section for your hair type/specific hair need, and for more information, simply click through the link to the Kevin Murphy website.

(All of these products are here at LGBH+CO! Come visit us if you need to pick one up!)

Wash = Shampoo
Rinse = Conditioner
Treatment = A deep conditioner, can be used in place of a regular conditioner
Masque = Another type of deep conditioning treatment, typically used once a week

skincare-for-your-hair                                                                                                                                         Photo: Kevin.Murphy

Balancing Wash [A daily shampoo to strength hair, prevent damage from heat styling, and protect against color fade]

Angel Wash / Angel Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for fine, colored hair]
Angel Masque [A deep conditioning mask for fine, colored hair]
Full.Again [A thickening lotion for fine hair]

Hydrate.Me Wash / Hydrate.Me Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner combo for dry, dehydrated hair]
Hydrate.Me Masque [Deep conditioner for dehydrated hair]
Born.Again Treatment [A deep conditioning treatment for extremely dry, stressed hair – the cornerstone of the Kevin.Murphy line]
Staying.Alive [A leave-in conditioning spray]
Un.Tangled [A leave-in conditioner and detangling spray]

Luxury Wash / Luxury Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for curly, thick, or coarse hair]
Motion.Lotion [Curl-enhancing lotion]

Blonde.Angel Wash [A purple-tinted shampoo for blonde hair that has been colored]
Blonde.Angel Treatment [A purple-tinted deep conditioner to prevent brassiness and color fade in blondes]

Maxi Wash [A detoxifying shampoo to reduce product buildup on the hair and scalp]

Plumping Wash / Plumping Rinse [Shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair]
Body.Mass [A leave-in treatment for thinning hair]

Young.Again Wash / Young.Again Rinse [A shampoo and conditioner for aging, over-processed, or dull hair]
Young.Again Masque [A deep conditioning mask for dull, aging hair]
Young.Again Oil [A leave-in, anti-aging oil]

Stimulate.Me Wash / Stimulate.Me Rinse [Men’s shampoo and conditioner that stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth]
Thick.Again [A leave-in thickening treatment for thinning or falling hair]

Anti.Gravity [A volumizing lotion]
Anti.Gravity Spray [A volumizing spray]
Body.Builder [A strong hold, volumizing mousse]
Powder.Puff [Volumizing powder for the roots]

Fresh.Hair [A dry shampoo to absorb oil in unwashed hair]

Smooth.Again [A frizz-control lotion]

Hair.Resort [A texturizing lotion for relaxed, wavy looks]
Hair.Resort Spray [A texturizing, sea salt spray for beach-like waves]
Texture.Master [A strong-hold texturizing spray]

Damage.Manager [A leave-in heat protecting spray]

Session.Spray [Kevin Murphy’s signature strong hold hairspray]
Easy.Rider [An anti-frizz cream with flexible hold]
Gritty.Business [A matte, pliable hold paste]
Un.Dressed [A flexible hold paste for undone looks]
Rough.Rider [A strong hold clay]
Night.Rider [A matte texture paste with firm hold]
Super.Goo [A firm hold rubbery gel]
Free.Hold [A medium hold styling cream]

Shimmer.Shine [A shimmery spray that strengths hair and adds shine]
Color.Bug [Kevin Murphy’s take on hair chalk – one-time intense color in pink, purple, orange, neon green, white, and gold]

You can pick up any of these Kevin Murphy products right here at LGBH+CO! Just stop in to see us – we love visitors. 🙂

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