Q & A with Boston Hairstylist & Colorist Lindsay Griffin

Question:  What inspires you?
Answer:  I love color. From eclectic prints, pops of color in an outfit, to the color scheme in your home. Color can tell a story. It can reflect ones mood, style, and also comfort level. From daring and adventurous to simply playing it safe. Color plays a large role in my work. It inspires certain cuts, styles, and of course hair colors.
Question:  Lets talk hair…What do you love about it?
Answer:  Hair has been my passion since I can remember. As I have also been changing my cut and color since I can remember (giggle). Trends come and go and I love bringing the old back and adding a twist to the current. Change is important, whether it is cutting your bangs a bit shorter this time or completely revamping your long layered cut to a short a-symmetrical, sassy bob. You can constantly reinvent yourself. You can build a confidence in yourself you did not know you have. I work with people everyday, and enjoy making them feel wonderful about themselves and bringing their true, natural beauty out. I do not only cut and color hair, I build a relationship with each and every client that sits in my chair. I make them feel comfortable and at ease, while a transform their hair and how they feel about themselves.
Question:  What do you do in your spare time?
Answer:  Being creative, designing and making unique pieces of jewelry. Again my creativity stems from color, I do not sketch or plan out a piece. I chose the stones and color first, and just begin, wherever the piece takes me.Salsa dancing; merengue, bachate, samba, working with different dance partners, growing as a dancer and as a person. Dancing gives me an excitement, an energy, and allows me to express who I am. It is an unbelievable feeling. Traveling, experiencing the world from enjoying a glass of wine in a cozy restaurant in Rome, observing straight up mullets in Barcelona that were all the rage, to samba dancing in Brazil all night, literally!


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