Boston Wedding | Four Seasons Hotel

Published on April 1, 2012


One of Boston’s top wedding photographers, Channing Johnson, of Channing Johnson photography shoots at the Four Seasons. Why I love Channing’s work is for its documentary style. He can find the perfect balance of photographing of bride, and incorporating the natural light. You can see his wedding photography portfolio by clicking here. He not only shoots in Boston, but everywhere from Mexico, to Colorado, to Arkansas, and many more. His work is truly genius!!

Located in Boston’s Back Bay, The Four Seasons Hotel is one of Boston’s top wedding venues, as well as one of my favorites! The hotel has a great bridal suite, with huge windows. All the natural light pouring in is perfect for your makeup artist!  Also, if you are planning “first look” photos, the Four Seasons is close to Newbury Street as well as the Boston Commons. One cool thing about the ballroom is the old-world Boston feel you get when you walk in.

Some words, from Channing himself:

Why are Four Season weddings more unique in your opinion?

The Four Seasons nods to the Boston hotels that embrace the city’s history while still feeling contemporary and elegant. The location to the Common and Gardens plays a roll in that.

What is your favorite thing about photographing the Four Seasons?

My favorite part of photographing at the Four Seasons is their big windows through out. It makes for interesting light to photograph.

What do you bring to wedding photography?

I have no preconceived ideas when I go to a wedding. I’m not looking for wedding photos as much as I’m looking for interesting pictures at a wedding.

How would describe your style of photography?

I consider myself a documentary photographer. Outside the designated formal pictures I don’t direct, prod, or suggest people do things for me to photograph. Reality is always better than anything my mind can come up with. In addition to the photographs any wedding photographer will take, I look for the in between moments that hopefully make people pause and hopefully trigger their own memories of that day.

Here are some of Channing’s photos from one of his Four Seasons weddings.

Four Seasons Hotel Boston Wedding 1Four Seasons Hotel Boston Wedding 2Four Seasons Hotel Boston Wedding 3Four Seasons Hotel Boston wedding 4Four Seasons Boston weddingFour Seasons Hotel Boston wedding 5Four Seasons Hotel boston wedding 7Four Seasons Boston Wedding 8Four Seasons Boston wedding 9Four Seasons Boston wedding 10

Channing Johnson Photography

Boston Wedding | Four Seasons Hotel

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